GRC Columbia Specializes in the installation of torch on SBS roofing systems for new construction and re-roofing of all commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-unit residential developments.

Torch on roofing is made up of synthetic rubberized asphalt sheets (SBS Modified Bitumen) that can be installed using a variety of methods depending on building type, substrate, usage and budget. It is commonly referred to as a two-ply torch-on roof. Two-ply systems utilize a slip sheet (on a combustible substrate), a torch applied base sheet, and a torch applied layer with a factory-installed granular surface (cap sheet). These systems range from 220 mils to 300 mils thickness, and tend to last much longer than single ply EPDM or TPO systems which are applied in one layer of 40-80 mils thickness.

A torch on SBS system creates a more substantial, durable membrane. The multiple layers also significantly reduce the chance of workmanship error and increase the ability to withstand traffic and penetrations within the roofing membrane.

Torch on roofing systems do tend to carry a higher initial cost over single ply roofing options; however torch on routinely outlasts and out performs single ply roofing alternatives, providing torch on roofing with a long term value not seen with other roofing systems. The durability, lifespan and versatility of torch on roofing makes it the definitive roofing system in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Advantages of Torch On SBS Roofing Systems

There are several advantages to having a multi-layer torch on roofing system installed. Some of the most common benefits seen when installing this type of roof include:

  • Torch on roofing is made of a synthetic rubberized asphalt material which provides exceptional flexibility regardless of temperature. Any property owner in need of strong yet flexible water resistant roofing material should go with this type of product.
  • Versatility can provide a superior roof system across a variety of substrates and building types
  • Torch on roofs also reflect UV rays, which helps to keep indoor temperatures down during the summer months.
  • Low Maintenance torch on roofing requires very little annual maintenance.
  • The average lifespan for a three-layer torch on roof is two decades. Two-layer roofs tend to last around 15 years, and they rarely need to be repaired.
  • Modifications are easy, whether it’s a new skylight or a substantial addition
  • Rolls of the material can obtained and installed as required.
  • They are free of harmful fumes. Unlike the solvents and glues associated with single ply roofing, torch on roofing systems do not give off any type of harmful, noxious fumes.
  • Durability is key to the success of a torch on roofing system. The rubberized asphalt material provides a superior due to the tear and puncture resistant properties.

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