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Answers to the most commonly asked questions about a career in roofing are provided below. Click on a question to learn more about each topic, and please feel free to ask us for further information using the contact form to the right.

Why should you consider roofing as a career?

Roofing is a skilled and well-paid trade offering attractive growth and advancement opportunities for young men and women, as well as people experienced in other fields who are seeking new challenges. Roofing is one of Canada’s essential industries with a tradition of skilled craftsmanship that provides comfort and protection to people and property.

How available are jobs in the roofing industry?

Roofing contractors across Canada are looking for thousands of new workers to keep up with strong industry growth that is projected to continue well into the future. Roofing work is not as susceptible to the downturns in the economy as other construction trades because 75 percent of all roofing work completed is in maintenance and repair, not new construction.

What basic skills will you learn?

Roofing workers learn to install and repair a variety of roof systems-built up, asphalt, thermoplastic, Columbia Roofing, shingle, shake, slate, tile … and more-often incorporating skills regularly used in plumbing, carpentry, electrical and other fields.

What do roofing workers find to be the most satisfying aspects of their jobs?

Research indicates that roofing workers enjoy working in an outdoor, fresh-air setting vs. a more-traditional factory or office environment; the challenge of working at a craft where the work and work sites vary constantly; opportunities to progress steadily through the ranks of roofing positions; continuous opportunities to learn new skills; and a sense of teamwork and pride drawn from working as part of a crew to successfully implement roofing projects.

How much can you expect to earn as a roofing worker?

Roofing wages compare well with related construction trades. Roofing workers have the opportunity to earn as much as or more than people with college degrees. Roofing wages vary depending on the geographic location, the skills a worker may have and the experience in the field.

The figures below are the most current data available, and reflect the average annual salary for each position, including bonuses.
Roofing helpers: $24,810
Journeymen: $36,836
Foremen: $44,067
Field Superintendents: $54,855
Estimators: $57,192.

Roofing workers’ salaries can reach as high as $70,000 to $80,000 a year or more.

What kinds of benefits can you look forward to?

Along with good pay, many roofing contractors offer attractive benefit packages, including life and health insurance, bonuses, profit sharing plans and more.

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