Roof Repair & Maintenance

When it comes to your commercial, industrial, or multi-residential property a properly installed and maintained building envelope system is a critical part of protecting your investment. Between the abundance of annual rainfall, harsh UV radiation and the daily stresses of thermal expansion, roofs in British Columbia are regularly put to the test.

By completing regular scheduled assessments of your building’s roof system, GRC Columbia can provide you with a thorough snap shot detailing the health of your roof. After which providing our clients with follow up with preventative care and corrective action as required to maximize the lifespan of your roofing system. Our repair and maintenance service teams are fully trained and equipped to provide you with the highest quality, comprehensive roofing and building envelope solutions available

How often should you get roof assessments done for repairs or maintenance?

We recommend assessing your roof for maintenance every 6 months (spring and fall), or immediately after significant weather events. y keeping on top of your roof’s health, you can identify problems early and save yourself potentially large repair bills in the future. Our experienced trades people can spot emerging problems such as:

  • Breakdown of roofing materials, such as splits or blisters in the membrane
  • Early signs of water damage
  • Gradual degradation of caulking or sealants due to age, UV exposure and rapid changes in temperature
  • Developing problems around vulnerable areas like skylights, drains, plumbing stacks, vents and chimneys