SBS & green roofing,

Shoreline – 3202 Riverwalk Avenue, Vancouver B.C.

SBS Roofing: 23,500 Sft
Green Roofing: 5,600 Sft
Membrane Waterproofing: 56,000 Sft

Completed: Summer 2015


Project Description

Shoreline, is a multi-residential waterfront development located upon the banks of the Fraser River in south Vancouver. Made up of a beautiful four level wood frame low rise building, featuring modern West Coast architecture and over 23,000 square feet of 2 ply SBS roofing. Accompanying the low rise are two concrete seven storey midrise towers. The concrete towers boast an impressive amount of parkade roof slab waterproofing. The rooftops and terraces make up 16,000 square feet of ballasted 2ply roofing.

As part of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, both concrete mid rises were designed to include a Green Roofing component. Green Roofing takes the tested and proven reliability of conventional roof types while applying aspects of ecological architecture to prioritize the importance of sustainability and longevity of the roof system.

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