Patagonia Vancouver

Metal Walls and SBS Re-Roofing

1994 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC

All Materials Fabricated In-House
Metal Wall System: 1,900 Sft
2ply SBS Reroofing: 5,500 Sft
Completed: Winter, 2015

Project Description

The Patagonia Storefront project provided our Sheet Metal team with a variety of exciting and unique opportunities. The Metal Wall system specified consisted of interlocking metal singles crafted in a range of sizes, and all the materials were fabricated in-house utilizing a Weathering Steel known as ‘Corten’. Corten is a corrosion resistant steel that is left uncoated, as over time the steel develops an outer layer Patina that acts as protective barrier against further corrosion. GRC Columbia was also responsible for the installation of 5,500 Sft of new 2ply SBS roofing.