Mercedes Benz Vancouver

Waterproofing, Metal and Composite Walls, and SBS Re-Roofing

550 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC

Composite Wall Panels: 42,500 sft
Metal Wall Cladding: 38,500 sft
Membrane Waterproofing: 80,000 Sft
2ply SBS Roofing: 5000 Sft

Completed: Summer 2014

Project Description

The Mercedes Benz Vancouver location is a very special project for everyone at GRC. This project is an excellent example of all three of the specialized trades within GRC, which work together to create a functional, dynamic and eye catching building. The cladding and architectural panels help to create a clean and stylish look, and the 80,000 Sft of rubberized asphalt waterproofing will keep this project in pristine condition for years to come.