SBS and metal roofing, waterproofing

John Volken Academy – 6911 King George Blvd, Surrey B.C.

SBS Roofing: 24,000 Sft
Membrane Waterproofing: 15,000 Sft
Metal Roofing: 24,800 Sft

Completed: Fall 2014


Project Description

The John Volken academy is a long term drug and alcohol treatment centre located on King George highway in Surrey. This facility is designed to help residents overcome their addictions, while provide extensive education and career training opportunities for the residents.

The treatment centre was a multi-phase project that required a large scale of roofing throughout the facilities various buildings. Our Architectural sheet metal division undertook the task of completing the 24,000 square foot standing seam metal roof above the gym and recreation building. The 100+ bed residents building, along with the retail and amenities buildings were all completed using in a 2 ply SBS system. In addition to the SBS on the newly constructed buildings GRC also completed substantial re-roofing services to the existing supply warehouse. Lastly we completed 15,000 square feet of seamless monolithic waterproofing across a large landscaped courtyard feature located at the heart of the facility.